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Get your office stationery delivered to your office within the shortest time in the market, we always work towards ensuring that your business remains running despite procurement pressures. That`s why we boost a dedicated team of customer care, order and dispatch team to work on your orders. We supply throughout the nation.

List of office stationery we supply:

Pens – blue, black, red
Permanent marker (Texta / Sharpie)
Pencil and pencil sharpener
Colored pencils
Colored pens
Colored markers
Correction tape / fluid / Liquid Paper
Mechanical pencil and spare leads
Plain paper (for printer)
Notebooks, ruled paper, binder books
Scrapbook, art book
Sticky tape + dispenser
Packing tape + dispenser
Bulldog / Fold back clips
Stapler and staples
Rubber bands
Paper clips
Hole punch: 2 hole? 3 hole? 4 hole?
Drawing pins
Plastic pockets
Manila folders
Storage pockets
Arch folders: 2 ring? 3 ring? 4 ring?
Folder dividers
Hanging files
Filing trays
Sticky labels (eg Avery) for addressing or filing
Post-Its / yellow stickies
Index cards
Label maker and spare tape
Box cutter / utility knife / Stanley knife
Printer toner
Water bottle
Paper towel
Postage stamps
Rubber stamps (return address, entered, paid)
Laminator and spare pouches
USB memory sticks
Batteries (for electronic equipment, for wireless keyboard and mouse)
Calendar, wall planner
Desk pad
Blu-tack / green tack
Wall hooks (eg ‘Command’)
Whiteboard / dry erase markers
Whiteboard eraser and cleaning fluid

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