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Gas lighters Soko-Huru ????Customer care 0720811346. Available in both retail and wholesale. IT GOES FOR ONLY KSh999

Gas lighters, Available in both retail and wholesale.

For only Ksh 999/=

Shaped Like A Gun, These Bright Colored Gas Lighters Are The Perfect Alternative To Match-Stick

With gas Refill, A truly multi purpose flame lighter for every household use - even beyond

Lock and unlock Switch, Can maintain flow of flame by + to - switch.

Well Designed and Modern look of lighter

Long life of Gas,Now light effortlessly - your Candles, your Agarbattis, your Puja lamps, your mosquito coils, your Barbeques and of course your Gas stoves

Many colour Options available.

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Contact:   0720811346
Location: Nairobi , Inquire
Country: Kenya

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