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About Us

Kenya Medical Association (KMA) is a voluntary membership organization open to all medical and dental practitioners registered in the Republic of Kenya. The Association currently has over 2,000 members countrywide.

Association Objective

  •     To promote the practice of medicine in Kenya
  •     To uphold high standards of medical ethics and conduct
  •     To advise the Government, other medical bodies and the general public on matters related to health
  •     To promote the welfare of doctors
  •     To maintain the honor and interests of the medical profession.
  •     To support Continuing Professional Development (CPD) through periodic publications, seminars and scientific conferences.
  •     To liaise with other medical associations around the world.

Vision Statement

    To be the gold standard, on quality health care in Kenya.

Mission Statement

    To champion for doctors welfare and quality health care for the Kenyan public.

Core Values

  • Empowerment of members
  • Proactive on health matters
  • Professionalism
  • Outstanding corporate governance

Contact us

Contact:   0722275695
Location: Nairobi ,
Country: Kenya

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